Yours magazine bucks sales trend

Emap’s magazine for the over 60s, Yours, is beating the sales decline elsewhere in the market because it is remaining resolutely age specific, according to the editor.

Valery McConnell said the title, whose average reader is 63, was going against the market decline after it changed frequency from monthly to fortnightly.

It now sells 344,438 every two weeks compared to 383,577 a month before the move in January this year.

Yours editor McConnell said that retaining coverlines such as “Sexy at 60” and providing news especially tailored to the age group were helping sales.

“If you are over 50, there are not many magazines that stop you in your tracks and make you think. A lot of titles are becoming more alike as they try to reinvent themselves,” she added.

“We’re saying we are age specific, and that’s a unique message which is going to pick up new readers.”

The title was also brought under the umbrella of Emap’s London lifestyle brands, which include Closer and Grazia. The magazine’s editorial team is based in Peterborough, with advertising and marketing in Emap’s London offices.

“The look of the magazine is fundamentally much more glossy,” said McConnell.

“The magazine segued from monthly to fortnightly into looking like something absolutely new,” she added.

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