Young Ones Rik would be proud as Welsh university 'bans' Express over immigration campaign

Axegrinder was perusing the internet last night when a shocking act of censorship popped into his Twitter stream.

A major UK university has banned a newspaper from sale over a campaign it is currently running.

The right-on brothers and sisters at Aberystwyth University have ordered the withdrawal of the Daily Express from sale because the paper wants to impose continuing restrictions on people from Romania and Bulgaria seeking to move to the UK.

Express readers are currently cowering at home in fear of the impending arrival of hordes of people from the former communist states. Luckily those same readers already have adequate provisions in their larders as the paper has put the fear of God  into them with dire warnings about the next super storm or biblical plague on the horizon.

It is a while since Axegrinder was in a students union building, but he was fairly certain that very few of the shaggy-haired, bearded miscreants imbibing subsidised alcohol were reading the Daily Express.

While, Express readers and students would be firm fans of Countdown, it is unlikely that these revolutionaries would have much interest in stories on Diana, the weather or advertisements for Stannah stair lifts and sensible slacks.

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