Yorkshire magazine Dalesman offers readers 1939 subscription price to mark 80 years in print

Yorkshire magazine

A Yorkshire magazine has marked its 80th anniversary by offering readers subscriptions at “wartime” prices.

Dalesman charged three shillings and sixpence for a year’s subscription when it was launched in Clapham, North Yorkshire, in April 1939.

In modern money that’s 17p, which is the price now being offered to 80 readers, with details on how to apply in today’s edition of the magazine.

The independent monthly title’s annual subscription normally costs £35.

Readers of the May edition will also get a souvenir copy of the first edition of the Dalesman.

Editor Adrian Braddy (pictured, left) said: “At Dalesman, we pride ourselves on doing things a little differently and I can’t imagine anyone else offering their magazine subscriptions at wartime prices.

“And, in challenging times for all print publications, we continue to evolve and innovate, and have lots of exciting plans in the pipeline for the future.”

The Dalesman also received “warm good wishes” from the Queen on its anniversary, after it wrote to Buckingham Palace about the milestone.

The palace letter sent to the Dalesman, and shared with Press Gazette, read: “Her Majesty appreciates your thoughtfulness in writing as you did and, in return, has asked me to send her warm good wishes to you all for a most memorable anniversary.”

The Dalesman, which claims to have been launched from the front room of a cottage, now runs from its offices in the Skipton Castle gatehouse.

It had an average circulation of just over 19,000 between January and December 2018, according to the latest ABC figures.

Picture: Stephen Garnett Photography/Dalesman



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