Yet more Christmas cheer


I’m wary of making this an exclusively Liz-fucking-Jones blog, but you have to admit that these days she’s serving up suitable material on a daily basis.

Her contribution to the Christmas spirit is in today’s Daily Mail, headed “I’ve never liked the homeless – they’re smelly and scary”. Nice one, love.

It’s a lazy ’out of touch hack visits homeless shelter’ piece, but within the usual bollocks there’s a serious warning for a 40-year-old, rotten-toothed tramp called David, who sleeps on a park bench in Queen’s Square in Bristol. As dear Liz says: “At the end of the night, I walk back to my car, to my warm, cosy life, and decide I’m going to go back to that square to find David, and I’m going to try to help him.”

So that’s the next 12 months of confessional column material sorted then. Stand by for ‘I invited a homeless man into my Exmoor home and this is how he repaid me’, coming soon to a newspaper near you.

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