WSJ sees the shrink

By Jeffrey Blyth in New York

Another major broadsheet looks set to bite the dust – the two
millionselling Wall Street Journal, which is to cut three inches from
the width of its US edition.

The move follows last week’s shrinking of the Wall Street Journal
Europe to tabloid format and equates to the loss of one of its six

The change is believed to be aimed at saving money in
response to the soaring price of newsprint, which now stands at $625
(£355) per metric ton compared with $435 two years ago.

the paper is expected to save the WSJ about $18m a year. It also makes
it easier for the paper to switch to other presses.

The New York
Times, although already smaller in size than the WSJ, is also
considering shrinking its pages. That would cut about $25m from its
annual paper and ink costs.

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