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Work experience tales: 'Ride into Tesco on a bicycle'

Journalism student Chris Slater was told to ride into Tesco on a bicycle as his first national press assigment whilst on work experience for Cavenish Press news agency in Manchester.

The MA student from Salford University was ordered by Cavendish Press boss Jon Harris to cycle into a superstore to see if he could shop on two wheels as part of a Sun follow-up to the story about shoppers in pyjamas being banned from a Tesco store in Wales.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the country other ambitious young reporters were being asked to dress as a banana or wear a balaclava as part of the same project.

After renting a bike Chris cycled the two miles to the Manchester store determined to get his story. But The Sun’s plan to get a picture of a security guard throwing him out was punctured when the worker refused to leave the store.

Luckily another friendly Tesco employee showed him where the bike racks were and he was snapped shamefully walking away.

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