Women bare their breasts for Jane magazine

Jane, the Daily Mirror's most famous cartoon character during World War Two, had it right all along.

When it was decided towards the end of the war that she would bare all, it made headlines almost all over the world. It was popular among troops fighting overseas.

Now a women's lifestyle magazine in the US called Jane is doing the same. This month's issue has a spread of 23 women baring their breasts.

Already the magazine's website has been inundated. Log-ons for a preliminary look at the feature have more than doubled to over 500,000 a day. New subscriptions have soared to more than 500 a day.

The mag has also started a "boob blog", in which readers have been encouraged to "share pictures of their breasts and tell us why they're the best pair ever".

Of course it's not all titillating. The feature includes health warning signs and bra-buying advice.

Editor Brandon Holley is particularly pleased that the feature is bringing in subscribers and not just voyeurs.

It is also helping the Condé Nast magazine climb back from the doldrums – into which it plunged when founding editor Jane Pratt (after whom the magazine was named, not the Daily Mirror's Jane) left two years ago.

In the past year, advertising pages have started climbing again and are claimed to be up 17 per cent. Circulation has also climbed to more than 713,000.

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