With these numbers you are spoiling us, Ms Spring

The City’s finest have come over all misty-eyed in the wake of Future’s full-year results.

Numis: “Considerable medium-term upside potential from recent deals to publish official titles for Nintendo and Sony in the US”.

“Second, the group is in vastly better shape now than a 18 months ago, and despite exposure to the UK/US consumer, the group will benefit from an upturn in the gaming cycle and be afforded some protection by the loyal nature of its hobbyist consumers.”

Altium Securities: “We continue to be impressed by the sure footed manner in which this transition has been executed to date.

Meanwhile, Stevie Spring gets the David Teather treatment in the Guardian.

Apparently, Future’s bankers sent Spring a bunch of flowers last week.

“How cute is that?” Spring asks Teather.

Cute enough. Fairly clearly, they’d like her to borrow a bit more.

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