Will the real Harriet please stand up

Axegrinder, I am delighted to inform you, may be able to whip the covers off one of Fleet Street’s aliases.

For some months now, The Daily Telegraph has run a jaunty weekly column called Posh But Poor, by-lined “Harriet Carew”.

The column has just landed a mega-publicity book deal for next year and a film deal is understood to be in the offing. But who is this Harriet? No one of her name is listed in the Victoria Plaza telephone directory and, when I telephone the switchboard at the Telegraph, they were equally puzzled.

The features department will not connect Axegrinder to her either. Apparently she does not even file expenses claims (baffling!).

Can this be because Harriet Carew is in fact Observer columnist and former Catholic Herald editor Cristina Odone? Anyone who can shed any more light on this matter, get in touch ‒ urgently!



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