What's On TV is still the leader in listings

In the
ongoing battle between publishers Bauer and IPC over the top end of the
television listings market, Bauer’s TV Choice achieved a 9 per cent
sales increase, compared with a decline of 4 per cent for market leader
What’s On TV.

Both titles recently cut cover prices by 10p,
reportedly in response to rumours of a listings launch from Trinity
Mirror planned for later this year.

W hat’s On TV is now recording sales of 1,587,578 copies per issue, compared with the 1,104,291 sales for the rival TV Choice .

Second in the sector, the BBC’s Radio Times , also recorded a year-on-year decline of four per cent to 1,108,718.

BBC has criticised both Bauer and IPC for devaluing the market with
their price war, and has insisted that Radio Times will retain its 93p
cover price.

Marcus Arthur, publishing director of Radio Times ,
said: “Despite being the premium-priced title in the paid-for listings
magazine market, we continue to sell in excess of 1.1 million copies a

“While the budget end of the television listings market
scrabbles for readers and engages in a ridiculous price war, Radio
Times reigns supreme at the top of the sector, delivering, quite
simply, the best TV listings guide in the country.”

Of the 10
titles in the listings sector to post year-on-year figures, all but TV
Choice showed a downturn, with Soaplife and All About Soap falling 26
per cent and 36 per cent respectively.

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