What might be going on behind the Times paywall?

You may remember some time ago Hitwise put out data about the amount of visits going to the new websites of The Times and The Sunday Times. The info seemed to ask more questions than it answered.

Fortunately, the event spurred media blog Beehive City into a quick/interesting look at what might really be going on behind the paywall.

One day soon News International might give us an idea of how much traffic it is getting but until that time we’ll just have to keep refering to the web metric wonks and some educated guesswork.

Which brings us to this week’s wonks.

On Tuesday, ComScore put out some equally baffling figures about traffic to those two sites (read the comments – which may well shed more light).

Fortunately again, Beehive City has and taken a closer look at what this new set of figures may mean.

The bottom line appears to be that the headline figure of 1.6m unique users a month for The Times and Sunday Times (an amazing result if they are all paying) probably includes the many who arrive at the sites only to go no further than the homepage without venturing over the paywall.

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