What happens when a c*** goes to Happisburgh beach pre-watershed? Ofcom censures Norwich TV station

Axegrinder's favourite upheld complaint in today's Ofcom bulletin comes from Mustard TV's Mustard Show.

In a feature on archeological discoveries on a local beach, a presenter was broadcast saying: “This is what happened when this cunt went to Happisburgh beach to look at some fossils or something.”

Mustard TV, a Norwich-based local TV station, explained that "the programme segment in question was pre-recorded and this version, containing inappropriate language used in jest, was included in the final edited programme in error".

The Mustard Show, which is shown at 6.30pm, "broadcast an apology the following evening and that the inappropriate language was removed immediately from any repeat broadcast of the programme and the version available online".

The station also said "that disciplinary action had been taken against the staff concerned and compliance procedures tightened to ensure the circumstances which resulted in this incident would not happen again".

A statement from the broadcast regulator said: "Ofcom noted the Licensee’s actions to mitigate the offence caused to viewers and to improve compliance. However the use of the word 'cunt' in this programme broadcast before the watershed was a clear breach of Rule 1.14 of the Code."


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