What a shower


A PR company working for a shower manufacturer (whom I won’t dignify by naming) stuck out a dire press release today supposedly revealing a mathematical formula for taking the perfect shower.

Bribed on board to lend some scientific substance to this abject nonsense is “neurophsycologist” Dr David Lewis, who concocts the equation based on such factors as water temperature, privacy factor, length of shower and environmental conditions. We are also informed that ”the favourite shower spray is a moderate to firm spray while a light, gentle spray is the least favourite”. Riveting stuff.

This sort of stunt might have been funny the first time it cropped up – was that the “dunking biscuits” formula? – but now it’s just tired dross.

Still, we may as well see which of our national newspapers, amid the world financial crisis, two wars and a Presidential election, has the space to use it as a filler tomorrow.

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