Weekend paper round: 28 February to 1 March

Telegraph asks readers to help with urban fox count (Sat Telegraph p7)
Feedback editor defends use of David Cameron grief photo (Sat Times p24)
Success in FT appeal for water charity (FT Weekend p8)
Bridgend: One year after the media descended on the town (Observer Review p6)
Interview with Irish News editor Noel Doran on 0.1% circulation rise (Independent on Sunday p87)
James Chapman tipped to become new Daily Mail political editor this week (IoS p87)
News of the World apologises to Kate Moss (NoW p2)
British colonel leak investigation is dropped (MoS p7)
Alexander Lebedev wants to fly Evening Standard to Moscow (Sun Express business p4)

Redesign for Newsweek magazine (Observer Business p9)
Russian heiress appointed editor of Pop magazine (Sat Guardian p5)
Celia Walden interviews boyfriend Piers Morgan in April edition of Harper’s Bazaar (MoS p29)
Magazines excluded in BBC Worldwide tie-up (MoS p49)

Crufts to screen online after BBC investigation prompts ban (Sat Telegraph p10)
Michael Grade sells shares in crisis-hit ITV (Sat Mail p12)
Five and ITV expected to lose up to 600 jobs this week (Independent on Sunday p77)
Cash dries up at ITV (Sun Times p6)
Michael Grade to announce 500 ITV job cuts this week (Sun Times business p2)
ITV takes action to fill ads black hole (Sun Express business p3)
Neil Midgley: Letting ITV go bankrupt would be an electoral disaster for Brown (Sun Telegraph p28)
BBC sound gaffe puts Crimewatch callers at risk (Sat Mail p47)
Behind the scenes at Sky Sports News on transfer deadline day (Obs Sport Monthly p16)
Ofcom ‘axes’ Fiona Phillips’ TV show funded by peer (Sat Mirror p3)
Fiona Phillips axed from GMG’s Smooth Radio (MoS p11)
Fiona Phillips crime show pulled over Ashcroft donation (Sun Telegraph p10)
Interview with the Queen’s official cameraman Peter Wilkinson (Sun Telegraph p14)
Interview with Clarence Mitchell (Independent on Sunday p26)
Afghan radio station set up by British government faces closure (Sun Mirror p2)

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