Weekend paper round: 28 and 29 March


MP Nigel Griffiths tries to gag the News of the World (News of the World p1)
Ben Goldacre: Media reports on suicide can be fatal (Sat Guardian p15)
Corruption will follow death of the press says The Wire’s creator (Sat Guardian p25)
Letter from NUJ and four MPs: Innovative solutions for local press (Sat Guardian p35)
Spoof copy of Financial Times handed out ahead of G20 summit (Sat Guardian p5)
Lily Allen’s anger at being followed by paparazzi (Sat Independent p5)
Culture secretary Andy Burnham attacks council newspapers (FT Weekend p2)
Guardian Media Group set to appoint John Peace as chairman (Sun Times business p1)
New York restaurant critic aged just 12 (Sun Telegraph p15)
Let us merge or we’ll die say local papers (Observer business p1)
Local media press OFT to let them merge (Independent on Sunday p78)
Local newspaper merger rules are ‘totally outdated’ (Mail on Sunday p58)
Expats return as media oasis in the desert dries up (Observer business p12)
Evening Standard theatre critic Nicholas de Jongh resigns (Independent on Sunday p87)
Evening Standard’s Anne McElvoy to leave paper (Independent on Sunday p87)
Evening Standard executive editor Anne McElvoy to leave paper (Observer business p13)
Observer scraps Pendennis column (Independent on Sunday p87)

Simon Heffer: C4 undercover teacher should not have been dismissed (Sat Telegraph p22)
C4 to air tape of Boris Johnson plan to beat up NoW journalist (Observer p13)
Archbishop of Canterbury accuses BBC of ignoring Christianss (Sun Telegraph p1)
BBC journalists earning thousands on public speaking circuit (Sun Telegraph p13)
Global Radio misses deadline to file company accounts (Sun Telegraph business p3)
Nick Cohen: Who would you rather trust – the BBC or a blogger? (Observer p38)
Natasha Kaplinsky to front Five early-evening chat show (Mail on Sunday p18)
Thousands of pounds of equipment stolen from BBC each year (Sun Mirror p11)

The Lancet accuses Pope of distorting scientific evidence (Sat Telegraph p15)
The Lancet says Pope distorted HIV evidence (Sat Guardian p27)
Investment fund writes off 10m stake in Incisive Media (Sun Telegraph business p1)
Brown’s plan to save the world is leaked to German magazine (Independent on Sunday p2)
Spectator columnist Paul Johnson resigns (Independent on Sunday p87)

Google cameras are capturing more cities across the country (Sat Telegraph p12)
G20 activists hope Twitter will keep them one step ahead of police (Sat Times p5)
Lazy celebrities hiring ghostwriters to help them Twitter (Sun Times p26)
Courtney Love sparks first Twitter-based libel action (Independent on Sunday p5)

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