Weekend paper round: 21 and 22 March 2009

Johnston Press approached for Scotsman (Sun Telegraph business p2)
Ben Goldacre on how journalists misunderstood prostate story (Sat Guardian p12)
Letter: Representation of journalists in TV drama Red Riding (Sat Guardian p37)
Why the Times obscures number plates but Sunday Times doesn’t (Sat Times p48)
Mecom plans rights issue (FT Weekend p14)
Secret inquest plans should be dropped say MPs (Sat Telegraph p15)
Richard Desmond v Tom Bower libel trial this summer (Observer business p13)
Mugabe’s wife given immunity after alleged attack on photographer (Mail on Sunday p42)
Inside Time – the prison newspaper (Sindy p87)
North Korea holds two US journalists (Sun Times p29)
Media law: Publish and be slammed (Sun Times)

Marina Hyde on OK’s premature tribute to Jade Goody (Sat Guardian p34)
Realities of recession hit glossy magazine editors (Sat Independent p36)
Chief executive calls retail journalists ‘scum’ (Sat Independent p53)
Suzanne Moore on the decline of the New Statesman (Mail on Sunday p29)

Outsourcing talks under way at ITV (Sun Telegraph business p3)
Jeremy Paxman used ghostwriter for new book (Sat Mail p9)
BBC cuts pay of top stars to help save 400m (Sat Telegraph p15)
Charlie Brooker: Breaking news broke my mind (Sat Guardian)
BSkyB granted leave to appeal ITV stake sale (Sat Guardian p41)
BSkyB wins right to appeal on ITV (FT Weekend p2)
Sky granted appeal on ITV stake (Sat Telegraph p34)
Sky’s ITV fight (Sat Times p48)
Sky told it can fight competition ruling (Sat Mail p103)
Sky wins right to appeal ITV stake sale (Sat Independent p54)
Report suggests viewers would be willing to pay for ITV (Sun Express p7)

Google Street View: More privacy fears (Sindy p6-7)
Twitter fends off predators (Sun Telegraph business p3)

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