Wave victim's work inspired so many

I was shocked to see my old colleague Barry Lloyd-Jones listed among the dead in the tsunami disaster.

knew Barry in 1979 and 1980 when we worked together on the launch of
the Sunday Standard – sister paper to the East African Daily Standard –
in Nairobi. He was a 24-hour-a-day journalist who inspired everyone
around him.

He threw himself into life in Kenya, touring the country with his wife Kath while turning it into his own news patch.

The murder of Joy “Born Free”

Adamson was one of his exclusives.

official story was that she had been killed by a leopard but Barry
discovered the wounds had been made by a knife and her car had been

“Leopards don’t tend to kill you with a knife and nick your car,” he said.

see from your piece last week that he had been devoting himself to
media training in recent years. Lucky trainees. He had such a lot to
teach about this job, especially attitude.

I was editing The Sun on Boxing Day when the story broke.

we knew two members of our staff were caught up in it – Deidre Sanders
and reporter Jamie Pyatt – and it was obvious it was going to touch
thousands of British lives.

I can’t help but feel it is somehow fitting that Barry should meet his end in one of the biggest-ever news stories.

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