Vox.com the awesome US news website coming soon to all the medias

Axegrinder was initially intrigued by the launch of new US news website Vox.com.

In this whizzy video, executive editor Matthew Yglesias says: “We want to create the single greatest resource available for people to understand the issues that are in the news.”
Wow, thought Axegrinder. But my excitement was dampened for the following reasons:


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Two minutes into the vid the camera pans back to reveal that squeaky-voiced editor in chief Ezra Klein wears jeans with his jacket and tie. 

In the promo blurb on www.vox.com the other Vox Media websites are described as “awesome”. Real estate website Curbed is good, but it did not inspire me with awe.

Finally, the plural of media is, erm, media isn’t it?




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