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Who do you think has earned the title of Press Gazette’s Person of the Year in 2005?

the third year running Press Gazette is looking for the person who made
the greatest impact – good or bad – on the world of journalism in the
last 12 months.

This year’s contenders include the citizen
journalist, whose growing significance as provider of mobile phone and
video images was confirmed during the London bombings of 7 July; Alan
Rusbridger for gambling the future of The Guardian on the Berliner
format; the Barclay brothers for shaking up The Telegraph, or Martin
Newland for his principled departure; ITV News’ David Mannion and
Deborah Turness for scoops in the wake of the 7 July bombings; Frank
Gardner, who returned to work as the BBC’s security correspondent
having been paralysed in Saudi Arabia; or the Grazia team for creating
the glossy women’s weekly. Regional press contenders include Sly Bailey
and Lord Rothermere for their impact on the sector.

There is also
a host of distinguished editors who left their papers for various
reasons this year – including Keith Sutton, Mike Lowe, Barrie Williams,
David Gledhill, Terry Manners and Sean Dooley.

Further contenders
could include Ken McDonald, the DPP, or Sir Christopher Meyer of the
Press Complaints Commission. Other nominations are also welcome. The
winner will join previous winners Andrew Gilligan in 2003 and Maurice
Frankel in 2004 for his campaigning for Freedom of Information.

Send your votes by email to pged@pressgazette.co.uk with Person of the Year in the subject line.

winner, based on your votes and the deliberations of a Press Gazette
panel, will be announced in the final issue of the year on 16 December.

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