Vive la differences as Cosmo hits 50 editions wordwide

Cosmopolitan has extended its circulation to 50 editions worldwide and has celebrated by inviting comments from journalists and readers around the globe.

Cosmo contributors have reflected on the differences and similarities between the UK version and their local editions.

Chinese Cosmo put an emphasis on careers, while Myrza Sison, editor of Cosmo in the Philippines, said: “We try to tackle issues, dreams and fears unique to Filipinas through money features.”

Spanish Cosmo editor Sarah Glattstein Franco claimed its sex coverage was “much more daring” than any other Spanish magazine, while the editor of the Dutch edition said: “Dutch women get sex information everywhere they look – shops, TV and newspapers – so we try to give them something a bit different. We put more emphasis on relationships and emotions.”

A reader of French Cosmo, said: “Cosmo’s funnier than most French magazines. It doesn’t take fashion and celebrities too seriously.” And Vita Vilimaite, editor of Lithuania Cosmo, said: “Lithuania is a religious country, so for a magazine to have such an honest approach to sexual issues is ground-breaking.”

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