(Video) Sky News man to rioters: 'What are you guys up to, is this fun is it?'

Sky News reporter Mark Stone filmed some of the most memorable footage of the London riots from his mobile-phone after looting broke out last night in Clapham Junction where he lives.

He was on the street in Lavender Hill, Clapham, at the moment rioting spread to the largely affluent part of south London and was in the midst of the action when a mob of youths started smashing windows and looting shops.

He said: “Young people all around me are smashing up windows. From where I am standing at Clapham Junction I can’t see any policemen at all, they are all elsewhere in the city. Every shop they find they are looting.”

Stone approached a group of laughing young girls and said: “What are you guys up to, is this fun is it?”

Stone filed his footage after finding a nearby pub with broadband access. He said later that at one point one of the rioters tried to grab his phone but he managed to hold on to it.

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