Video: Six of the best from the regional press

Here is my latest six of the best round-up from the regional press.

The South Wales Argus had the best of the Holocaust Memorial Day coverage with this remarklable first-person piece from a survivor of Auschwitz and Belsen.

A story from the Northern Echo which became a national talking point about a headteacher who told parents not to drop their kids off in their pyjamas.

Great follow-up from the Brighton Argus on a shocking hit and run video released by police which was viewed millions of times. It turns out that an eye witness who saw the attack contacted police that day and had yet to be asked to give a statement two weeks later.

A belting story from the Swindon Advertiser where the council has recruited a £45k a year press officer to explain why it is having to make so many cuts.

The Manchester Evening News revealed how a mildly offensive greeting card was removed from sale nationwide by Tesco after one shopper voiced their concern on Twitter.

And a brilliant opinion piece from the Plymouth Herald on why we should do away with Trident.

You can watch me talk about these stories and more with Mike Mendoza on Latest TV in Brighton below. Please email me your favourites from the regional press

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