Video: Press Gazette June edition, the two-minute tour

The June edition of Press Gazette should be with subscribers now (here is a two-minute tour of the issue which I’m sharing using Jing).

Here are some of the highlights:

We catch up with Simon Kelneras he settles back into the editor’s chair at The Independent under new owner Alexander Lebedev and his son, 30-year-old chairman of Independent Press Ltd Evgeny:

‘Anyone who knows Evgeny knows that he’s a very serious man. If he’d wanted a plaything he’d have got a yacht or a villa. He wants to make a difference with this newspaper.”

ITN’s Alastair Stewart talks to us about chairing the first ever televised general election leaders’ debate and anchoring ITV’s election night coverage:

“The actual campaign was dull as ditch water…If anyone can cut a deal with the Government to save regional broadcast news it is Archie Norman and Adam Crozier…The brightest of the bright no longer consider journalism a safe profession.”

Lori Miles writes about lapses of editorial judgment in consumer magazines in the wake of the Danny Dyer and Zoo debacle:
‘Every editor needs a loyal lieutenant with full permission to pierce the smug bubble without fear of reprimand to save their title from excruciating embarrassment.”

TV news produce Tami Hoffman explains who bagged the ‘bigoted woman’ scoop for Sky News:

‘I dragged Sky’s election supremo Jonathan Levy out of a meeting, replayed him the clip and watched as his eyes lit up”.

Editor of the BBC college of journalism Kevin Marsh calls for a return parliamentary journalism:

‘In the past 30 years parliamentary reporting has dwindled away to little more than sketches and weekly accounts of the drama of PMQs…The Cameron/Clegg coalition should change that.”

Peter Sands writes about why modern editors need to mean business:
“There is a new breed of staff required – a breed that has the skills to give newspapers a commercial edge.”

News agency reporting masterclass from Press Association editor Jonathan Grun:

‘As well as hanging up your ego with your jacket you also have to park your opinions.”

PC Advisor’s Rosemary Hattersley names her top blogging platforms for journalists.
Top media analysts reveal whether or not they think Rupert Murdoch’s paywall gambit will work:

Lorna Tilbian, from Numis Securities, said: ‘The iPad is going to give newspaper publishers their iPod moment.”

Axegrinder names the secret runners and riders for the Independent editorship.

And there’s also a 16-page guide to covering the World Cup.

For details of how to subscribe to Press Gazette (which is £90 a year plus a 2gb USB stick and £40 a year for students), click here.

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