Video: Lieberman says Assange should be extradited and New York Times investigated


US senator Joe Lieberman told Fox News that he believes Wikileaks founder Julian Assange should be extradited from the UK to the US for breaching the US Espionage Act.

And he also said that the New York Times should be investigated by the US Justice Department for its involvement in the leak of the Wikileaks documents.

He said that the release of leaked US Embassy cables was “the most serious violation of the Espionage Act in our history”. On the New York Times, which like The Guardian was given advance sight of the Wikileaks cables and has published many of them, he said: “The New York Times has committed at least an  act of bad citizenship, whether they have committed a crime bears very intensive inquiry by the Justice Department”.

Julian Assange was remanded in custody in London yesterday over two alleged sex charges.

Wikileaks is now back online in Switzerland after being dropped by its US-based server.

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