Vendor's dulcet tones ring out in Newcastle

The cries of an Evening Chronicle street vendor in Newcastle, who is dubbed the "voice of the North", have been recorded by the paper to be sold in the form of mobile phone ringtones.

Ronnie Gill's iconic calls have long echoed the streets of Newcastle as the Trinity papers roll off the presses.

The Chronicle is encouraging people to buy the ringtone by offering random cash prizes if readers approach newspaper street vendors and play them the ringtone from their phone.

Regional sales promotion manager at ncjMedia, Andy Naylor, said: "You'll find references to Ronnie on the web and in conversation from many a passionate Tynesider, as well as our fanatical Toon fans.

"Ronnie Gill's not just a street vendor sound — he's been a trusted source of information across Tyneside for many a year and it'll be great to hear his call wherever you are."

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