Vanity Fair cancels Oscars bash claiming “solidarity”

Whether the Hollywood Oscars take place as usual this year – and with just two weeks to go there is still some uncertainty – the second most important event of the evening is definitely off.

Vanity Fair magazine, which holds the biggest after-the-Oscars event, has canceled its annual party. Tickets to the party, which is attended by around 700 people, are as coveted as tickets to the Oscars.

Many of the stars change after the awards into different ball gowns and dresses to make a second walk up the red carpet.

The editor of Vanity Fair, Graydon Carter, believes cancelling the party is the right thing to do, whether or not there is a last minute breakthrough in the negotiations between Hollywood production companies and the Writers Guild of America, who have been on strike for almost three months.

“A magazine like Vanity Fair is a group of writers and artists and we are in solidarity with the writers and artists on strike,” explained Carter.

“Whether the strike is over or not,I don”t think it’s appropriate for a big magazine to come in and pretend nothing happened.”

Even if the Oscars go on – and no settlement has been reached– many stars are expected to skip the event.”

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