Unlimited launch seeks to stimulate working women

A lifestyle magazine which promises to provide “brain food” for working women is due to launch in September.

Unlimited is the debut launch from Mobius Strip Ventures, a new independent company set up by founder and editor Rebekah Renton.

Aimed at professional women aged 25 to 44, the bimonthly is hoping to capitalise on the growing number of women who are looking for a more “intelligent” read – free of celebrities.

The magazine conducted research among 250 director and management-level women which showed that 50 per cent were bored by the existing range of magazines on offer because of their “dumb, trashy magazine content” and “neverending stream of celebrity news”. Sixty-three per cent believed the current crop of titles were “unstimulating and uninteresting”.

Renton, who has remortgaged her house to fund the launch, said it would be uplifting and would inspire women to ful.l their ambitions. “Women are much more independent financially and better educated and I don’t think there are magazines around that respect their intellect,” she told Press Gazette.

Unlimited will be based on the “mind, body, spirit” theme and editorial will be split into sections containing features on personal development, career and business advice, as well as a lifestyle slant with articles on travel, technology and relationships.

It will launch on news-stands throughout the UK with a print run of 50,000 and a cover price of £3.95.

Renton, who has no magazine experience herself, is relying on freelance contributors and her business partner and creative director Spencer Thurs.eld and writers Sarah Ewing and Johnny Rich.

Renton has spent the past 12 years working in senior marketing positions with companies such as IBM, Lotus and Vignette.

The launch will be backed by a marketing campaign that will include targeting female executives in the UK via direct mail. The first issue is due out on 18 September.


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