Ultra-local magazine targets Tube commuters

A bored graduate has teamed up with a colleague and got his family on board to produce and distribute a free fortnightly magazine that is proving popular with commuters in north London.

Sam Lassman Watts, editor, and Rebecca Hall, designer, currently produce 500 copies of fortnightly Northern Line-focused magazine The Other Side, which Lassman Watts and his two brothers distribute outside Highgate station on alternate Thursday mornings.

The magazine is a mixture of quirky comment, reviews and features, which Lassman Watts described as “something a little more interesting than the rubbish handed out every night.”

He added:”We’ve had a really good reception. The people at the stations are coming back to us and wanting it – we’re getting the same people who really want it each week and are coming back and saying it’s great. People are emailing back and saying: ‘There were delays today and it was the only thing that kept me going on the way to work.’ It’s been building up more and more.”

As the magazine is currently printed at Lassman Watts’s mother’s business, the cost of producing it is minimal, but the team is hoping to expand. They are seeking to recruit a “media savvy” volunteer to help engineer covering the cost of expanding the print run to 2,000, with the hope of branching out distribution to other Northern Line stations.

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