UK launch for website which aims to become online marketplace for journalism

While The Guardian today launched a new platform for sourcing and publishing 'citizen journalism' – an Australian project launched today in the UK (and globally) aiming to apply crowd-sourcing techniques to professional journalism.


The Newsmodo project allows journalists to upload stories, video and images to a website where they can by bought direct by publishers around the world. The journalists set their own price and Newsmodo takes a 30 per cent cut. Former journalist Rakhal Ebeli is behind the website, which also allows publishers to post assignments for freelances.
He previously developed a citizen journalism app called Newsme and told Press Gazette that he developed Newsmodo because: "Newsrooms don't have time to pour thorugh thousands of images and stories to find a diamond in the rough."
While anyone can sign-up to Newsmodo, it is designed to appeal to professional journalists because they have to show a portfolio of published work. Publishers are shown a taster of stories and then invited to download the full content for a set price.
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