UK advertising grew to £20.1bn last year, but newspapers and magazines losing out to Google and Facebook


Overall UK ad spending reportedly grew by 7.5 per cent to £20.1bn last year, but the share of this going to newspapers and magazines declined.

The figures from the Advertising Association show that by far the biggest slice of the advertising pie went to “internet” – which attracted £8.6bn in 2015 (up 17.3 per cent year on year). The report does not provide a breakdown of how internet advertising is spent, but the two biggest online advertising players in the UK are Google and Facebook.

  • National newsbrands, including their websites, fell 11 per cent to £1.2bn.
  • Regional newsbrands fell 6.2 per cent to £1.2bn
  • Magazine brands fell 5.2 per cent to £942m.
  • Television grew 7.3 per cent to £5.3bn
  • And radio grew 2.9 per cent to £592m.



Overall, advertising grew at its fastest rate since 2010 last year.

The UK is said to be the largest internet advertising market in Europe and ranks third globally, behind the US and China.

UK advertising spending is forecast to rise by 5.5 per cent in both 2016 and 2017.

Chief executive of the Advertising Association Tim Lefroy said: “The UK is the fastest growing major advertising market in Europe, and its most successful exporter. It’s a tribute to our creativity and technical innovation.”





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