TV chef Oliver brands Five Live reporter a 'cow'

TV chef Jamie Oliver (above) called a female journalist a "stupid cow" and a "cynical bitch" after she questioned his commitment to helping Cornwall.

Oliver's comments about Five Live journalist Victoria Derbyshire came as he spoke to media students from Falmouth College of Arts in what he apparently believed was an off-therecord conversation.

However two students from the college's media courses recorded his comments on tape recorders.

According to Cornwall News, the agency which broke the story, Oliver said: "Some stupid cynical bitch from Five Live — she spoke to a student who said he was moving up to London and accused me of not helping Cornwall…"

"Stupid cow, I don't know. When you're up there, people want to give you a slap every now and again."

Derbyshire, who presents BBC Radio Five Live's mid-morning show, declined to comment.

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