Turner Prize nominee holds press conference as art form

An artist nominated for the Turner Prize is holding a press conference tomorrow that will itself form part of his ongoing art work about the negative impact of reality TV shows.

Phil Collins, who has just been named as the tenth most important artist in the world by art magazine Flash Art, has organized the press conference as the second part of his series The Return of the Real. It's being held at 2pm on Wednesday 22 November at the Cafe Royal in London's Regent Street and will feature people who have been involved in reality television shows talking about their experiences.

Collins wants journalists to go along and form part of the artwork by asking questions – but also expects the conference to provide compelling news and feature material for their newspapers, magazines and broadcast news programmes.

Nine people who say their lives have been profoundly affected by reality television shows including Trisha, Supernanny, Wife Swap, Brand New You and There's Something about Miriam will tell their stories at the conference.

"Makeover and talk shows now dominate the broadcast schedule and yet you have to wonder about the care exhibited in making programmes where ordinary people are the subject matter. How are they misrepresented? What are they promised by the production companies and how are these promises routinely betrayed?" asks Collins.

"Even more pertinently when the participants pop down to the local shops after the show is transmitted what do their friends and family say? How do their colleagues or school-mates react? Are they shunned, laughed at, bullied? Is it possible that it might have a significant impact on your life?"

For accreditation or more information, see www.shadylaneproductions.co.uk

The Turner Prize winner is due to be announced on December 4.

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