Trump calls media the 'opposition party' in tweets after hundreds of newspapers write editorials defending free press

On the same morning some 300 newspapers came together to defend the free press, US President Donald Trump tweeted that the “fake news media” are the “opposition party”.

The editorial campaign was spearheaded by the Boston Globe, with papers addressing attacks on the media from Trump – including that they are the “enemies of the American people” – in leader and opinion columns.

Trump took to Twitter to respond to the editorials on Thursday morning, tweeting that the Globe is “in collusion with other papers on free press” and that many of the media are “pushing a political agenda.”

In the wake of the tweets, The Globe received a bomb threat, which is now being investigated by the FBI – although officials at the paper said they didn’t believe it was a serious threat.

A Globe spokesperson said: “There is an increased police presence at The Boston Globe’s headquarters after a bomb threat was made against the newspaper Thursday in wake of a tweet that was sent out by President Trump.”

Not all newspapers were on board with the co-operative effort to speak out against what the Globe described as Trump’s “dirty war against the free press”.

The Los Angeles Times’ editorial board refused to participate. In a statement on their website, editor Nicholas Goldberg said: “There will be no free press editorial on our page today….we decided not to write about the subject on this particular Thursday because we cherish our independence.

“This is not because we don’t believe that President Trump has been engaged in cynical, demagogic and unfair assault on our industry.”

“Trump’s strategy is pretty clear: By Branding reporters as liars, he apparently hopes to discredit, disrupt or bully into silence anyone who challenges his version of reality.”

The Wall Street Journal published an opinion piece by a writer suggesting Trump has the same right to freedom of speech that newspapers have.



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2 thoughts on “Trump calls media the 'opposition party' in tweets after hundreds of newspapers write editorials defending free press”

  1. Hey Dorothy,

    I didn’t read your article because I got a mere one paragraph into it before the shameless dishonesty of your piece became fully apparent.

    Headline: “Trump calls media the “opposition party” in…”

    Then in the first paragraph you are forced to clarify the actual truth of what he said:
    “President Donald Trump tweeted that the “fake news media” are the “opposition party”.

    Notice the difference? He didn’t say the “media”. He said the “fake news media”.

    Massive, MASSIVE difference. Liars ARE the enemy of the people, especially if those liars call themselves journalists and claim to be presenting the truth.

    But you couldn’t resist editorializing your headline right?

    This is why you can add Press Gazette to the long list of FAKE NEWS MEDIA.

    The media is alive and well and flourishing. It’s called the alt-media. Or citizen journalism if you prefer. The old legacy media and new dishonest corporate media like PG here is going away.

    If you want people to stop calling you fake news, stop publishing fake news dumbass.

  2. Mr Trumps definition of what he terms, fake media is at best vague. At a loss as to why his divisive commentary is treated with any gravity, after all he is but an entertainer who believes himself to be a President. A seal of office demands a standard Mr Trump obviously cannot achieve. The fake here is rather the man, not the media.

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