Trinity Mirror set to close Cardiff printing press with 33 jobs affected

Trinity Mirror has announced plans to close its Cardiff printing press with 33 jobs affected.

The regional publisher owns Media Wales which produces a number of titles including the South Wales Echo, Western Mail and Wales on Sunday.

It is understood that most of South Wales’s newspapers are printed at the Cardiff site, including the South Wales Evening Post and the Llanelli Star.

The move is said to be partly the result of “declining print volumes”.

A spokesperson said: “We have begun consultation with our staff on the proposed closure of the Trinity Mirror Printing Cardiff site.

“This is a result of declining print volumes and the relocation of a number of titles within our print network.

“We have now entered into consultation with the 33 staff affected.”


4 thoughts on “Trinity Mirror set to close Cardiff printing press with 33 jobs affected”

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  2. Good journalism costs! Sad day, but it’s our fault – We don’t buy newspapers anymore. Journalism is gradually turning to easily consumed soundbites that we obtain from our tablets. Plus, the advertising revenue that once supported the journalists is spread thinly across a multitude of platforms. The journalists are still around though. Spare a thought for the production staff!!
    Production will end up in Birmingham no doubt.

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