Travel weekly takes new direction

The Travel Trade Gazette has been redesigned and repositioned in a bid to to meet the needs of a changing travel market, writes Sarah Lagan.

Research by the trade publication, aimed at travel operators and their selling agents, revealed that most of its readers were women, many of whom read the Daily Mail, Express or the Evening Standard.

David Hillman, of Pentagram Design, led the redesign of TTG to give it a “lighter and fresher look”.

The revamp will also respond to the advent of new sales channels such as call centres, the internet, TV and home-based visiting travel agents. TTG will now encompass all agents rather than just the major retailers.

The business and finance sections have doubled in size and a new section has been introduced called Frontline, which looks at the individual agent with such features as a day in the life of, tricks of the trade and my best booking.

TTG’s editor, John Welsh, said of the relaunch: “We always had quite enough in the newspaper for the 40plus men, despite the readership being almost 70 per cent women.

But the challenge was to re-engineer the newspaper by adding more female-friendly content and style without alienating the blokes.”

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