Tory MP reports Daily Mirror to PCC

Bernard Jenkin MP has reported the Daily Mirror to the Press Complaints Commission for claiming that he was moved from his position as deputy chairman of the Conservative Party because of comments made to would be candidate Ali Miraj.

The Mirror in a story by Rosa Prince reported Miraj as saying that he was told by Jenkin that he would not win a seat because of his colour. A Conservative Party spokesman said: "The comments made by Ali Miraj had absolutely nothing to do with David Cameron's decision to offer Bernard Jenkin an alternative front bench position and they did not even feature in the conversation that they had."

Jenkin, in a complaint to the Mirror, said : "I was grateful to Rosa Prince for carrying my comment on this allegation, but to allege that I was sacked "for allegedly telling an Asian candidate … etc." is factually wrong.

"She failed to report that both I and the Leader of the Conservative Party, David Cameron, were at pains to point out that my departure was wholly unrelated to any allegations by Mr Miraj. The key premise of your story is speculation reported as fact, and is therefore in breach of the Press Complaints Commission Code of Conduct."


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