Tories call for broader vision from BBC


Tory Shadow Culture Media and Sport Secretary Jeremy Hunt has called for “broader vision” from the BBC, in exchange for its £3.3 billion a year licence fee cheque.
Speaking to the Daily Telegraph, he said that he wants from the BBC: “a broader vision of how they can help us tackle the big broken society issues: the rise in knife crime, gun culture, broken families – all the things that are really intractable problems that people in Westminster scratch their heads trying to solve.”
But he has defended the licence fee saying: “Broadly speaking I’m happy with the amount of money that’s going into public service broadcasting through the license fee.
The Telegraph did not ask him about press freedom issues.
But back in April Press Gazette quizzed David Cameron in what remains to date the Cameroon Tories’ only major statement on press freedom issues this year.

Then he backed self regulation of the press through the PCC and indicated that extension of the Freedom of Information Act to cover some private companies performing public functions could be a good idea.

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