Top 50 most influential journalists on social media to be revealed on 1 July

Sign up here (for free) to confirm your attendance at the Social Media Journalism Awards on 1 July at 7 Carmelite Street from 6.30pm

The waiting will soon be over and we will finally know the winner of one of the most hotly anticipated contests of the year.

Not the World Cup, but the Press Gazette Social Media Journalism Awards prize for Most Influential Journalist on Social Media.

The winner will be announced at the head office of Press Gazette parent company Progressive Media at a drinks reception from 6.30pm on Tuesday, 1 July. We will also be revealing a full top-50 list.

The winners were arrived at by counting up the votes of our expert panel of judges, of the many readers who voted via Twitter and the more than 200 who filled out an online questionnaire. We also took into account the number of followers journalists have.

Together the top 50 are followed by many millions. In some cases, personal social media followers far outstrip the totals for the publications they work for.

The list illustrates the huge extent to which social media has enabled journalists to become major ‘brands’ in their own right, communicating with readers independently of traditional publishers and broadcasters.

It includes a few household names, some of the leading names from national titles and some less well-known figures who clearly make a big impact with their peers.

If would you like to express your interest in attending this event (which is free) fill in your details via this online form.

This award was made possible thanks to the sponsorship of ‘‘the world's leading all-in-one brand newsroom and multimedia PR platform".



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