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Top 10... Journalists with Facebook groups dedicated to them

  1. Jon Snow
    A total of 13 groups, all fans, including three Jon Snow appreciation groups, “John (sic) Snow and his stripey ties ‒ 100% trustworthy” (165 members) and “Jon Snow… King of the World” (186 members). Total: 913 members
  2. Jeremy Paxman
    A mixed bunch with his 11 groups, which include “Paxman for Prime Minister (247 members), “I want to overthrow Jeremy Paxman” (296 members) to “Jeremy Paxman is a bell end” (23 members). Total: 892 members
  3. Moira Stewart
    Ten groups dedicated to the BBC newsreader, and not just to get her back on the box, with “How fit is Moira Stewart off the news?” (41 members), “What’s Moira Stewart’s real age?” (20 members) and “Officially outing Pat Butcher & Moira Stewart” (79 members). Total: 515 members
  4. Trevor McDonald
    Seven groups, including “Trevor McDonald Appreciation Society” (51 members), “Trevor McDonald should be my granddad” (47 members) and “I have never seen Trevor McDonald, Ainsley Harriot & Mr T in the same room” (218 members). Total: 417 members
  5. Richard Littlejohn
    The Daily Mail columnist has “Richard Littlejohn for PM” (11 members) outweighed by “Richard Littlejohn is a twat” (126 members), “Richard Littlejohn ‒ Ignorant, Bigoted, Homophobic Bastard” (95 members) and “Wanted: gay rapist to go to work on Richard Littlejohn” (17 members). Total: 263 members
  6. Ian Hislop
    The Private Eye editor’s three groups comprise of “Ian Hislop: hunky & chipmunky” (26 members), “I want to dog Ian Hislop” (11 members) and “My father’s in favour of me marrying Ian Hislop and so am I” (71 members). Total: 108 members
  7. Piers Morgan
    Three groups for the ex-Mirror editor, with “Piers Morgan is my hero” (16 members) and “I used to think Piers Morgan was a prat but I have changed my mind” (16 members) not quite as popular as “I fucking hate Piers Morgan” (60 members). Total: 92 members
  8. Kelvin MacKenzie
    Not surprisingly, the Hillsborough fiasco rages on through Facebook, although surprisingly low numbers for “Hate Kelvin MacKenzie Justice for the 96” (14 members) and “KELVIN MACKENZIE should be DEAD” (two members). Total: 16 members
  9. Polly Toynbee
    Two groups for The Guardian columnist, “Polly Toynbee is one of the few people left in the world who makes sense” (15 members) and “Polly Toynbee Appreciation Society” (nine members) Total: 24 members
  10. Paul Dacre
    Only one group for the Daily Mail editor, but straight to the point ‒ “Paul Dacre is a really punchable c***” (five members). Total: five members



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