Tony Gosling

Specialist areas: 7/7 London bombings, Terrorism, the War on Terror, Civil Liberties, Alternative Documentary Filmmaking, New Media, Freemasonry (critique), Biblical 'End-Times', English Civil War, Ecovillages, Land-rights, Squatting, Social Justice.

Skills: Audio mixing and editing, news and feature writing.

Profile: With illegal wars being waged and economic crisis looming the Western world appears to be in terminal decline. I have been observing and commentating on this depressing phenomenon for the last ten years since I stopped working as a radio researcher and reporter. I identify extremely wealthy and powerful occult 'parallel governments' and 'rogue networks' like Bilderberg as responsible for this malaise and being, essentially, 'on a hiding to nothing'.

Despite the 'warts and all' prognosis I continue to see, with God's help, the human spirit surviving the coming storm. My website consistently turns in monthly hit rates in the millions proving there is an enormous appetite out there for my particular angle on things.

Tel. 0117 944 6219

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