Tips of the Techs: Low down on what's hot

The latest word on the latest hi-tech products to be found on the market, so you are never caught cold.

If you are out and about with just a laptop by your side, then making sure you have the necessary adapters to work anywhere is essential; after all, you don’t want to run out of battery life when you are on the move.

The Ultimate Traveller Kit from TeleAdapt ( costs £149.99 plus VAT and comes complete in a small A5 carry case housing everything. The products included are: a power adapter to use on planes or in-car, telephone and power adapters to work in most countries, small mouse and other useful connectors. Certainly a small price to pay for peace of mind when you need it most.

Apple ( has once again upped the ante in terms of style and power with its latest notebook computer. The new PowerBook G4 costs £1,399 and comes with a 12-inch screen and among the specifications include: 256 megs of RAM, 40GB hard drive, combined CD writer and DVD player, bluetooth functionality and built-in modem.

Meanwhile, Apple has also released a new presentations package called Keynote. The £79 piece of software, works only with Apple systems, but is compatible with many other packages including Powerpoint which means already created presentations can be imported and adapted via Keynote.

While using a stylus to enter information into a PDA is not difficult most of the time, having a keyboard option on a desk can also be useful especially when you want to touch type information.

The Pocketop Keyboard ( is a wireless device that is compatible with many PDA’s around and costs £79.99 and being wireless means you can use it just about everywhere. Also as it features a full size keyboard it means that you can quickly and easily enter better than just using a stylus.

Local information site Up My Street ( has introduced a new community element to its service. The area called conversations allows local residents to debate and discuss what is happening in their community. According to Up My Street when the recent siege happened in Hackney, north London the service provided valuable resources for residents to discuss what was happening.

If you are finding you are running out of memory on your computer and need to get more space, then a new range from Maxtor ( will certainly give you plenty of storage space.

The leading manufacturer has just released a number of drives that feature memory options up to 250GB. The drives connect directly to a PC or Apple Mac by the USB connection or firewire. The top of the range 250GB drive costs £300, while 120GB costs £250.What makes the new drive useful is that it is portable so you can take it around with you.

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