Tindle steps into gap left by closure of Fulham and Hammersmith Chronicle with weekly newspaper launch

Tindle Newspapers has announced plans to re-launch the Fulham Chronicle.

The newspaper is to be part of Tindle’s London Weekly News group, which was launched last November to cover Westminster, Kensington, Chelsea and Pimlico.

At the same time, the group re-launched Westminster and Pimlico News (first established in 1857), the Kensington News (1869) and the Chelsea News (1857).

Tindle said at the time that existing staff based in London would produce the titles but that more journalists would be recruited if they proved successful.

According to the company, its total readership is now approached 1m. 

With the Fulham Chronicle, which was established in 1883 and will be relaunched on Monday, Tindle now publishes 38 newspapers in the London area and around 200 across the UK.

Sir Ray Tindle, chairman of Tindle Newspapers Group, said: “I firmly believe in local weeklies.  We have 200 years of history behind us and 200 years of great future ahead.”

Executive director Wendy Craig said: “The planning for these moves was completed six months ago and the object of this exercise is to prepare our weeklies for the years to come.”

The Fulham and Hammersmith Chronicle was closed by Trinity Mirror last April.

Tindle also announced today that Mediaforce has been appointed to handle the London Weekly News Group

Malcolm Denmark, chairman and chief executive of Mediaforce Group, said:  “With the Tindle portfolio of strong weekly brands this further strengthens our sales representation in the region and opens up many revenue opportunities as a result not the least it gives us coverage that is second to none of the London and Greater London market.”


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