Tindle: 'Chingford launch could be turning point'

Sir Ray Tindle has congratulated staff at his newest local newspaper saying that the launch of the Chingford Times could prove to be ‘the turning point for Tindle Newspapers in its struggle to beat this dreadful recession”.

The fortnightly paid-for Chingford Times launched on Friday in a week where elsewhere in the regional press the news was grim. The new Chingford title is being launched using existing editorial resources at the Yellow Advertiser Group.

In a letter to staff on Friday Sir Ray described the Chingford title as profitable and said: ‘Tindle Newspapers is proud that we have so far survived three and a half years of the worst downturn in living memorial without making a single journalist redundant. By your efforts which culminated today with this Chingford Times you may well have helped us to maintain that record.”

Meanwhile, Tindle is facing the threat of more industrial action elsewhiere in London, in Enfield, as a dispute there over non-replacement of staff continues.

Northcliffe announced plans on Friday to take the Torquay Herald & Express weekly with the loss of around 15 editorial jobs; Archant announced the closure of the Harlow Scene series the day before with the loss of seven jobs and there was also news last week of six journalists being axed at the Evening Gazette in Teesside, four at Johnston Press‘ Yorks weeklies and 11 at the Newcastle Chronicle.

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