Times US editor joins Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal and Dow Jones has poached The Times’ US editor Gerard Baker who will become deputy editor-in-chief of the daily business title and newswire.

Baker, currently based in Washinton, will join the title January 2009 and will be based in New York, reporting to Robert Thomson, editor-in-chief of Dow Jones and managing editor of The Wall Street Journal.

‘We are accelerating our development as a national paper of influence and as an unrivalled international business news franchise. Gerry will be joining us to spearhead these efforts,’said Thomson.

Baker added: ‘It will be an extraordinary privilege to work alongside the staff of a global news organization that sets the standard for objective, principled journalism. I have long admired the Journal and have been on the receiving end of its competitive excellence on more occasions in my journalistic career than I care to think about.”

At The Times, Baker edits the paper’s US edition and American website.

He previously spent time at the Financial Times as Tokyo correspondent, US economics correspondent, Washington bureau chief and associate editor.

Prior to the FT he worked for the BBC as a producer in London and New York, and later became an economics correspondent.


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  1. This guy wanted a job with the FT but we told him that the price of the paper was increasing to £1.80 he made a run for it across Southwark Bridge! He shouted I’d stick your over priced newspaper where the sun doesn’t shine.Would you buy the FT for £1.80?????

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