Time to put an end to the experiment

From: Tim Gander Subject: Confusion Quite apart from the loss of Dog
(where do I send amusing billboard photos now?), I’m rather puzzled
that having conducted a massive survey and reader consultation over the
redesign of Press Gazette not much more than a year ago, we seem to
have a redesigned magazine landing on our desks yet again.

Can I assume that this is now at the whim of Piers Morgan?

did I miss another consultation period? Dog gone, the letters page
cartoon banished to deeper within the magazine, Thought for the Week,
as if Thought for the Day five days a week on Radio 4 wasn’t enough
pointless opinion, and a few more whatever-of-the-weeks popping up on
the back page. Is it now Tweak of the Week as the magazine is
redesigned piecemeal until the whole thing looks like someone dropped
the page layouts into a blender to see what might work that week?

Gazette isn’t an experiment in progress. It’s where some of us try to
keep up with what’s happening within the industry, and get some
entertainment too.

Perhaps someone (Piers, even?) could let us, the readers, know what’s meant to be happening.

Gander Photographer Editor’s note: We didn’t want to put you to the
trouble of a big consultation again. And your billboards will always
find a home. Email them to pged@pressgazette.co.uk

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