Time off for Kent duo after 100 days filing from Iraq

A reporting team from Kent News and Pictures has returned to the UK after 100 days without a break reporting from Iraq.

Grant Hodgson was the only western reporter on the scene when a bomb blew up the UN headquarters in Baghdad two weeks ago. He was slightly injured but still managed to file an exclusive report which was widely used in the national press. Hodgson returned home, along with photographer Phil Toscano, earlier this week and both are taking a fortnight off before they decide whether to return to Iraq.

News editor Barry Rabbetts said: “The reason they are coming back is that they have been doing the same thing every day for three-and-a-half months and they need a day off. “They have done an incredible job. When we decided to get two people over there we were unsure as to how it would go, we didn’t know how many newspaper staffers would be staying out there. “As it turned out we were regularly getting stuff in four or five papers every week. The contacts they built up and the job they did out there was tremendous.”

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