Three NCTJ stalwarts retire

The National Council for the Training of Journalists has said goodbye to three long-serving directors as it gears up to obtain formal government recognition. The main journalistic training body is in the process of seeking accreditation which could be the key to it securing future government funding.

Retiring are board members Rodney Bennett England, Christopher Dicks and Mike Woods. University of Sheffield Professor of Journalism Peter Cole has been appointed NCTJ vice-chairman. Chairman Kim Fletcher said: “I look forward to celebrating accreditation from the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority to give the NCTJ qualifications the formal recognition they deserve and which is long overdue.”

The NCTJ has appointed six directors over the last year. The list is: Kim Fletcher, Peter Cole, Joanne Butcher, Terry Manners, Bob Norris, Liz Page, Jim Raeburn, Alan Rusbridger, John Ryan, Bob Satchwell, Bernie Saunders and Malcolm Vickers.

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