Thought your newsroom was busy? Check out this massive traffic jam in China!

As tenous local news connections go, the Wandsworth Guardian's coverage of a large traffic jam in China is hard to beat.

"Think the M25 is bad?" the story's headline asks: "This Chinese traffic jam will have you gnashing your teeth."

You don't have to look far to find a challenger for the most unlocal local newspaper article, however. Right alongside this story on the Wandsworth Guardian's site is the headline: "Which is best Fifa 16 vs Pro Evolution Soccer 2016?"

FML, as Axegrinder's nephew would say.

Still, at least the good people of Wandsworth are trying to find a nearly-local angle for the traffic jam story.

Steve comments under the story: "This goes some way to explaining why we're seeing so many more Chinese people living in little old Kingston. Who wouldn't want to escape the traffic, the pollution and the abuse of the population by the state? Apparently China executes more people than all the other countries of the world put together (estimated to be thousands of people. The actual figure is of course a State Secret)."

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