This week's Press Gazette magazine - the highlights

Highlights of this week’s Press Gazette magazine include:

Regional press agony and ecstasy:

Full reports and 16-page supplement showcasing the best of British journalism with all the winners from the Press Gazette Regional Press Awards.

But as regional newspaper owner share prices dip further there are reports of widespread redundancies across the industry.

Iain Dale explains why, despite having one of the country’s most popular political blogs, mainstream media is still the best way to make money – and why he is now launching monthly magazine Total Politics.

Investigative journalist par excellence Phillip Knightley explains some the secrets behind his trade and has some down-to-earth advice: “If you make enough calls, sooner or later someone will tell you something.”

Editor-in-chief of the BBC College of Journalism Kevin Marsh describes the journalist of tomorrow – meet the ‘journogeek”.

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