Third video appears featuring British journalist held by Isis John Cantlie

Islamic extremists have released another propaganda video appearing to feature British journalist John Cantlie.

The clip, which lasts for five-and-a-half-minutes, shows Cantlie sitting at a desk dressed in the now-familiar orange outfit worn by other Islamic State (IS) hostages.

The video is introduced with the title "Lend Me Your Ears" and "Messages From The British Detainee John Cantlie" before the Briton appears on screen.

Cantlie looks calm and appears to be reciting a prepared script.

He describes himself as a "long term prisoner" and goes on to criticise US president Barack Obama's strategy for air strikes to defeat IS fighters.

Cantlie concludes the video by saying: "Join me again for the next programme."

It is the third video featuring Mr Cantlie to emerge. The first – released two weeks ago – showed the hostage saying he would speak about IS in future videos.

All three videos appear to be well-produced, with good quality sound and lighting.

Cantlie is a photojournalist and reporter who has worked for newspapers including the Sunday Times.

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